Sunday, October 23, 2005

Edgewater Chicago Live! Coming Soon

I am developing a web log which will allow the residents (and want to be
residents) of the Edgewater community in Chicago to make posts about our community which I hope will help promote the enrichment of our neighborhood and community experience.

I will work on the real estate news which will include market statistics, new home sales and statistics as well as information about future trends and developments occurring within our community. I hope to incorporate all of the hard work of the Edgewater Community Council into this site as well.

I will be looking for volunteers to manage each of the following segments of the site:

The Buzz (an area where all of the gossip can be expressed, debated and

  • C.A.P.S. (news updates from monthly CAPS meetings)

  • Block Clubs (new from block clubs like BARGE, EARC, EGA, ENN etc)

  • Kids Corner (a place where children from K-12 can post news or ideas)

  • Senior’s Corner (a place where senior residents can post news and ideas)

  • Architecture and Design News & Stories (developments, rehabs, investment opportunities)

  • Bars & Nightlife (new and old; reviews, news and suggestions)

  • City Life (miscellaneous news and events happening in the community)

  • Dogs and Cats (post stories or news about adopting and caring for your pets)

  • Vet Corner (hoping to recruit a vet who will make a monthly contribution of ideas and news)

  • Gardens & Landscaping (advise us on making our homes or blocks more attractive; news too)

  • Business News (post news about a new business, your own business changes)

  • Photo Album (post photos of images from our community; available for download to ipod)

  • Video Album (post videos of images from our community; available for download to ipod)

Any other ideas you can think of? Post them!

More to come....

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