Sunday, December 25, 2005

Brokers Use Video Stories to Sell Luxury Homes

Brokers Use Video Stories to Sell Luxury Homes(December 21, 2005) -- Real estate professionals increasingly are using custom-made video stories to sell luxury homes in New York; Chicago; Los Angeles; Miami; Dallas; Lake Tahoe, Nev.; Vail, Colo.; and Sarasota, Fla.; among other markets. Inman News' Inman Stories creates three-minute digital movies, which can be posted on the practitioner's Web site, made into DVDs, or e-mailed to prospective buyers. John McWeeny of Inman Stories says practitioners would rather spend $2,500 for the video stories than spend a huge amount of time and money on print ads and mail campaigns. Unlike video tours, McWeeny notes that "video stories bring to life the character of a property like no other tool on the market, from unique architectural elements to the neighborhood feel and history of a home." Source: Market Wire (12/20/05)

Jim Gramata produces, edits and creates a professionally edited digital movie for ANY property, not just luxury homes. A sample video is posted on his website here

Or a slideshow of the condo can be seen here:

and visit the photo gallery here

Each of these is produced for any property I market. Jim can also burn a DVD of this video as mentioned in the article above. He provides all of these services at NO EXTRA CHARGE and does not limit this service to multi-million dollar listings, but includes this production as part of ANY property marketing plan including the $229,900 condominium shown in these sample links. Call Jim Gramata at 773-252-HOME if you want your property to be marketed with the highest level of sales strategies available to EVERYONE regardless of price point.

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