Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Podcast of First Quarter 2006 Market News

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Our first quarter 2006 market update for the Chicago residential real estate market can be seen here. It is a general summary of the year end data for the residential real estate market and property listings for Chicago as well as a look at the regional and national trends which are being forecast. The report specifically focuses on the concept of a housing bubble and what that means and how it relates to the new market data.

As always, all of this information is available at and visit our market report page here which includes free pdf downloads of all of the reports referred to in this audiocast. You can also check out my audio podcast here for a full video and audio review of the recent market statistics.

Download it, store it to your ipod or mp3 and listen to it anytime that's convenient for you. I hope you enjoy this recording and please subscribe. There are lots more to come and they are free!. Also, feel free to call me and ask any of your real estate questions at 773.252.HOME or visit .

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