Sunday, March 19, 2006

Appreciate Your Home

The government released the latest fourth quarter data on appreciation of home value throughout the US and on average found a continued steady rise in home value as compared with the year prior. While this data reflects on a strong end to 2005, the 2006 first and second quarter data will important to determine the effect the slowing market will have on this appreciation index.

Adding proof that the recent slowdown of home sales has yet to affect prices, the average U.S. home continued to add value through the end of 2005, posting a 4th quarter increase of nearly 13 percent from the fourth same period in 2004, according to just released data from the government (

In the home price survey by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, all but one of 275 metropolitan housing markets showed improved value.

For more specific information on your state or region, log on to and go to the market stats area.

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