Monday, April 03, 2006

Start Spreadin the News

Many real estate agents avoid marketing their homes using open houses for many reasons. Some don’t believe they attract buyers, some think only “nosy neighbors” show up and many are just too lazy and prefer to let the yatd sign do most of the work.
There's no way to know in what way a listing will sell before it goes on the market. A real estate agent might introduce the buyer to the property. Or, the buyer might find the listing on the Internet, in a newspaper ad, or at an open house.
That's why it's important that your marketing plan covers it all. A plan that relies solely on the Internet won't reach people who aren't tech-savvy. A plan that relies only on open houses won't reach buyers who are gone every weekend.
Broad-based exposure will make more buyers aware that your home is for sale. Generally, the more interest your agent can generate for your home, the higher the ultimate selling price.
Also, don’t rely on one medium to target your marketing towards. Diversify your marketing strategies and create a broad exposure to all market segments. That’s what I like to do because you never know who is looking and when or where they are looking.
Start spreading the news….

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