Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chicago HOMEBUZZ Summer Podcast

Here is a link to our latest podcast at iTunes or you can try this link (feed site) and click on "Play Now". If you'd like to download the unenclosed file directly go here (12mB).

Here is a link to our RSS feed for this blog if you're interested in getting instant updates on your computer or handheld (careful, it's addiciting). Simply copy the url to your feed software (e.g. feedreader) and set the category for real estate (or whereever you choose).

This podcast is a national and local real estate market report with quarterly sales data for various neighborhoods.

Visit our website for more specific property data at

Chicago HOMEBUZZ: News, information, podcasts, movies, featured property listings & market statistics for buyers, sellers, developers and investors of real estate in the Chicago area.

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