Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cow a Bung-a-low

I know. That's a lame title...But the program the city is offering isn't.

It's called the Green Bungalow Initiative.

The Green Bungalow Initiative is a pilot program sponsored by the City of Chicago to determine whether green building principles could be applied affordably to existing homes. The following groups worked together to guide the initiative:

* City of Chicago Department of Environment
* City of Chicago Department of Housing
* U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
* Neighborhood Housing Services – Chicago Lawn
* Neighborhood Housing Services Redevelopment Corporation
* Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program
* Greater Southwest Development corporation
* American Institute of Architects, Chicago Chapter
* Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative

The Green Bungalow Initiative renovated four Chicago bungalows to determine if green building benefits of improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency and resource conservation could be achieved in this distinctive architectural style. Each bungalow was renovated with a different modern lifestyle theme: a handicapped adaptable home, a home office, a young professional loft-style home and a classically restored bungalow. Features included double-paned windows, energy-efficient furnaces and water heaters, and extra insulation, including insulation made of recycled newspapers and phonebooks. Renovation of the homes was completed in June 2002, and all homes were sold and occupied by November of that year. A subsequent comparison of energy bills for a "control" bungalow on the same block with the rehabbed bungalows demonstrated that energy savings in the Green Bungalows ranged from 15 percent to 49 percent.

The "Green Bungalow Initiative" report attached below describes the transformation from plain bungalows to "green" bungalows and includes a discussion of sustainable design features and post-renovation energy savings.

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