Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We Know It's Coming, But What is Zillow?

Talking about creating hype in its veil of secrecy. Teasers here. Expedia founder that. Just come out with it already! In case you haven't heard, there is a new real estate based company started by Expedia founder, Rich Barton that is going to launched sometime this year. He has collected a group people that's a "who's who" of successful people.

We know it will "change the course of real estate forever"; We've heard that before, but I tend to feel this statement has more impact than ever. I will be curious as to the business model they developed and what niche they are filling. It does appear there are gaps in both FSBO, discount broker and full service brokers that can provide a basis for a new business model.

Below is a partial copy of an article on the Zillow topic posted today at (

Readers attempt to unravel Seattle company's mystery

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Inman News

What is Zillow? It's a Seattle real estate startup headed by Expedia creator Rich Barton that will be consumer and Internet focused. Barton last week said, "It's going to be provocative, but we're not going to be an agent."

Aside from those tidbits, no one knows exactly what Zillow will be when it launches this year. Company officials have been tight-lipped about the business model and everyone in the industry is intrigued to find out.

That's why Inman News is announcing a "What is Zillow?" contest. The exact winning entry will win two free passes to Real Estate Connect SF, July 26-28. Here are the rules: in one paragraph describe exactly what tools, information and business model Zillow will deploy. You must identify yourself. To enter, simply use the comments feature on the Inman News Blog. The judges will be the Inman News editorial team.

Here are the serious and fun Inman News team guesses:

1. Knock-off of Trulia;

2. Knock-off of PropertyShark;

3. A virtual real estate game with Brad Inman as the villain;

4. An online real estate dating service;

5. A national MLS.

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